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Why Working with Dr. Reid is Unique

Dr. Reid, as a highly trained psychiatrist, can offer you unparalleled choices in your care. She has expertise in medicine, psychotherapy, mindfulness and coaching, and recognizes each person may be reaching out with different needs.


She offers tools based on neuroscience, positive psychiatry, optimal nutrition for brain health, and behavioral motivation to help you on the path to a joyful, fulfilling future.


Rather than seeing a provider for each of these helpful options, Dr. Reid's combined expertise allows her to integrate evidence-based medicine, psychotherapy, coaching strategies, and mindfulness into the best plan for you.


Some areas where she can provide support:

  1. Assessing and overcoming sleep problems

  2. Targeting and changing anxious thoughts

  3. Helping cope with transition or loss

  4. Guiding you to more joy and less guilt

  5. Helping professionals manage stress and

      overcome burnout


Photo Credit: Grace Woolslayer

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